February 2017

The seeds orders are all in and the field maps are being filled out.  This will be our seventeenth full season with the HFM and second with the new food hub.

Once again our planting effort will be bigger than last year and the year before and so on.  The new high tunnel, first planted  last summer, will be ready for seeds and plants in April???  May for the rest of the gardens.  Last summer the spring was a full month ahead and we where two weeks  earlier than ever before in planting outdoors.  I just can't believe this will happen again but the thought nags at me.  

This season we'll be planting some new ground that was cleared of stumps in the winter of 2015-16.  A potato field most likely. Potatoes will help us condition the soil for future crop rotations.  Maybe in a couple seasons we'll have our dream carrot field.